To go from strategy to successful implementation, you need a well-thought-out structure. By ‘structure’, we mean a set of well-aligned roles and processes that ensure your company’s organisation is efficient and effective. We help you draft and implement an organisational model.

Efficient organisation is key

You’ve set out your strategy for your employees, but little has changed: everyone keeps working the way they used to. Sure, people are implementing parts of the process, but other parts are ignored. Some of your employees can’t handle certain responsibilities, which causes them stress.

Insparkle gets things going!

  • We help you select the type of organisation that suits you and make it a reality.
  • We make sure your organisational structure, roles and responsibilities match the needs of your new strategy, then help you implement them.
  • We also define the strategic and operational processes that come with a modern HR policy.

Our approach to implementation? Tailored to fit!

The road to a new organisation should always be tailored to your needs. That is why Insparkle always bases itself on your current identity, to then seamlessly transform it into a new or improved organisation. We help you clearly define the roles of your employees, making it easier for them to respond to sudden changes. Finally, we also help you with planning and communication.

The concrete results of our approach?

  1. We help you discover and select the type of organisation you’re looking for.
  2. Then we adapt the organisational structure that goes with it to the strategy of your company.
  3. Finally, we implement your new organisational structure from A to Z.
  4. We clearly outline the responsibilities of each role.
  5. By matching each employee with the right role, everyone’s motivation and added value increases.
  6. You get a clear picture of the skills available to you, as well as the skills your organisation will need once it has been transformed.

Need help with your organisation?

Don't hesitate to contact the Insparkle team.