Talented employees are what make your company a success. Are you looking for the ideal candidate who is a great match for your company’s standards and values? Insparkle will be happy to help.

Let us introduce ourselves...

I’m Heidi, Managing Partner at Insparkle

Due to my years of experience as a project manager at various companies, I have gained extensive knowledge of people and built up relationships of trust with commercial clients. Every day, I use skills such as entrepreneurship, coaching, customer focus, planning, organisational skills, listening skills and being proactive to fulfil my role at Insparkle with great enthusiasm.

Other passions of mine are kickboxing, skiing, running, reading and – last but not least – going on walks with my dog Sam!

Let us introduce ourselves...

I’m Eva. Not a family member, but just as motivated and inspired

Between 2007 and 2020, I worked in human resources for organisations such as VF Europe, Autogrill and the Province of Antwerp in the fields of recruitment, assessment and coaching. I have been a freelancer since 2020 and have also grown my part-time profession as a yoga teacher into a self-employed activity. What drives me is connecting people: with themselves, with another job, or with a new employer or employee. There’s nothing quite like the spark that transfers from one person to another, which inspires and energises when it ignites! As well as being an HR professional, I’m also the mother of a beautiful daughter and the partner of a charming Irishman; we all live together in Antwerp. I’m a real foodie (long live good food on your plate and a sociable atmosphere around the table), a globetrotter (literally and figuratively pushing my boundaries) and an avid cyclist (I find relaxation and freedom in physical effort and occasionally conquering a mountain).

Let us introduce ourselves...

I’m Steven, an empathetic, strategic and concrete contributor

After a great career of more than 20 years as a manager in various large organisations, I felt it was time to pursue my dream. Inspiring and guiding organisations and people to grow and excel: that's what gives me energy and what I aspire to every single day. And that’s how Insparkle was created in 2015. Now I get to work on what I am truly passionate about, day in, day out. I relish discovering new things every day and learning from the people I’m lucky enough to work with. I keep fit by going on a weekly bike ride with my friends, and love to relax in Provence, where I spend a little time every year living like a god. Our decades of professional experience allow our team to empathise with the worlds of both our clients and the candidates. We look beyond the vacancy alone. Taking a sincere interest in what our clients do, what they stand for and what they are trying to achieve is vital to us. We also aim to make a difference for our candidates by showing a genuine interest in who they are and what their ambitions are.

Let us introduce ourselves...

How do we work?

During an introductory meeting, we gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of you, our client, and the culture of your company. We will draw up the desired profile together with you, and then begin the search for the most suitable candidates. We do this via our network, our databases and – if desired – through advertisements. We only put forward the most suitable candidates.

If there is a perfect match, we will guide both you and the final candidate through the recruitment process.

Staying up to date

Even after the recruitment, we will keep checking in to see how things are going with you and your new hire. Open feedback can help you, the employee and Insparkle to constantly improve.

Don't hesitate to contact the Insparkle team.