Team- en leiderschapscoaching

Team & leadership coaching

Implementing a good plan with unmotivated employees? That’s never going to happen! We have years of experience of both coaching teams and developing managers’ leadership skills. Through specific team & leadership coaching, we enable your employees to grow and excel. Your company’s growth will follow naturally.

Team & leadership coaching

How can your employees form independent, winning teams that proactively seek out improvement? And how do you get them to innovate from within? What do your managers need to become strong leaders? How do you support employees when they face change?

Insparkle gets things going!

  • Together with each team, we work to achieve the best possible long-term results.
  • We strengthen your managers in their role as leaders through fascinating and practical personal leadership training.
  • But not only that: we also teach them how to lead their team in an inspiring way.

Team-specific approach

First, we figure out what your manager and their team want to achieve. Only then do we start working together. We use an interactive approach to help the team function properly and to ensure the team members feel motivated to take the next step (and keep walking down that same path). In doing so, we focus on both the short and long term. Eventually, the team can draw on our insights to work more independently.

We also coach managers and directors, looking into how they personally contribute to the overall strategy and what they expect of your organisation. How? By introducting the principles of coaching and inspiring leadership to them. We also provide a safe space for them to grow, because we believe that’s the only way to confidently meet a wide range of challenges.

The concrete results of our approach?

  1. Managers effortlessly guide their team through the challenges of the future.
  2. Inspiring leaders ensure their employees’ motivation stays up, permanently.
  3. As a result, motivated teams become more independent and achieve the desired results.
  4. Every individual in these well-aligned teams has faith in their team members.
  5. And every employee takes responsibility for achieving both their personal objectives and those of the team.

Need help with your team & leadership coaching?

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